International Footprint Association

Ernie Harris Ridgecrest Chapter 60

Announces The 

Mr. Paul Guignet Memorial

Colonel Burke West


Mr. Chris Geiger Memorial

Cerro Coso College Scholarships


Students Pursuing a Career in Law Enforcement

Applicants must be high school seniors, high school graduates or currently enrolled at Cerro Coso College. Demonstrated interest in Law Enforcement is a plus.

Send Applications to:    International Footprint Association

                                       Chapter 60

                                       100 Cobria Place

                                       Ridgecrest, CA 93555

                                       Attn:  Mr. Vince Avalos


Selected applicants will be notified and interviewed by a selection committee appointed by the Footprint Chapter. Each scholarship will be for $500 per semester and may be awarded a total of four times over a period of two years to the same awardees, based on scholastic achievement.

Submitted applications shall include current level of education, law enforcement experience, a brief statement concerning your aspirations toward law enforcement and how you will apply your education.  Awardees shall provide a report of grades and achievements to be eligible for continuing scholarships. Applications shall become the property of the International Footprint Association Ernie Harris Ridgecrest Chapter 60 and may be provided to the public. 

Lee Olaughlin can also be reached by E-mail at or

(760) 375-2509.